Give to LIAS

Your support will inspire and shape the future of our institution


LIAS is a non-profit institution that depends on grants and donations to support its core educational functions. Increasingly, LIAS will require the generous private support of alumni and friends for its expansion. We invite you to lend support to LIAS that will inspire and shape the future of our institution. There are many ways to give.


Corporations and Foundations

Leading corporations and foundations make critical investments in LIAS through recruitment, sponsored research, and scholarships.


Endowed Funds

Equated with excellence and long-term strength, endowments are essential if we are to rise to the level of the most prestigious public research institutions



Your gift to scholarships gives our students access to a brighter future.  Every gift will make a difference in a student's ability to finish their education.


Faculties and Specialized Centers

Support the superior research, teaching, and learning happening at LIAS’s faculties and specialized centers.   

To learn more about supporting LIAS today, contact Al Riwaq at [email protected]