Executive Education

Schedules that allow you to balance work, school, and personal obligations


LIAS provides access to executive and professional education delivered in formats and schedules that allow you to balance work, school, and personal obligations. Across our 5 faculties and specialized centers, we offer a range of courses that provide grounding in high-growth disciplines critical to Libya’s future taught by top Libyan and global industry experts.  


Explore Our Executive and Professional Development Offerings

You can choose from a broad array of courses that range from public service to emergent fields like Islamic finance and alternative energy. Whether you are enrolling for personal or professional development, LIAS is one of Libya’s leading providers of executive training. Our courses are developed with industry input and taught by people who are leaders in their field, keeping our students in touch with real world needs and global practices.  

Each of LIAS’ faculties and centers provide programs that are tailored to meet the needs of students and offer a wide range of professional networking opportunities, events, and career guidance. You can explore programs by selecting a faculty or center below: