Campus Life

Supportive campus environment for you to develop socially, intellectually, and spiritually


LIAS offers an open, supportive campus environment for you to develop socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We offer a variety of options for leadership growth, social activities, cultural immersion, and community involvement aimed at creating leaders inspired by a forward-looking vision of Libya. Our campus is proud to offer an environment that is shaped by different viewpoints and backgrounds. What brings our students together is their commitment to intellectual inquiry and Libya’s future.

LIAS’s open spaces are the heart of student life on campus and provide a gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to attend lectures, interact socially, and engage in culturally and spiritually enriching activities. At LIAS, our Al Riwaq department, which recalls Libya’s tradition of open discussion and debate in public forums, draws upon students, faculty, and community members to offer a channel to come together for dialogue, discussions, and discourse. Al Riwaq is a dedicated department that builds connections between LIAS’s stakeholders by organizing events, lectures, and platforms that are focused on expanding intellectual horizons and catalyzing important discourses about the future Libya. Our students learn both inside and outside the classroom in a vibrant community where they can have fun, discover new interests, and make lasting friendships.

Student Activities

LIAS encourages students to form groups and organizations to fit their interests. All of our student groups will be governed and managed by students to provide critical leadership experience and enrich campus life.

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Civic Engagement

LIAS is committed to providing service and volunteer opportunities for student involvement in the community. Al Riwaq, in cooperation with the Career Services Department, serves as a focal point for community-based activities. Together, they foster opportunities for student involvement through fellowships, internships, grants, and volunteer opportunities to build effective leadership skills.

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Career Development

The Career Services department was created to help you turn your academic knowledge into a real-world career with a variety of resources to help you secure graduate degrees, internships, and jobs.

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Cultural Activities

One of Libya’s foremost cultural research centers, the Center for Libyan Studies, plans to offer a broad array of world-class programs to engage the LIAS community. In this way, the Center for Libyan Studies enriches both LIAS academic and campus life.

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Student Media

In addition to the student publication LIAS News, the School of Media and Communication offers a number of resources to students interested in creative fields.

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Student Entrepreneurship

Through the LIAS Incubator, students with an interest in starting their own business can gain valuable training and receive assistance bringing their idea to fruition including mentorship opportunities and links to financing vehicles.

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Safety on Campus

LIAS is committed to providing a safe environment in which students, faculty, staff, and visitors can learn, teach, and work. Our Public Safety department is charged with creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone who studies, works, and visits LIAS.

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