Committed to free and open inquiry


LIAS staff and student research addresses many of the major challenges that face post-Revolution Libya from exploring modern Libyan identity based on cultural and civilizational influences to exploring alternative energy policy, communications and media development, and the emergence of Islamic finance. Our research employs innovative techniques and methodologies to critically examine Libya’s past, understand the current challenges faced by the country, and evaluate the best possible interventions to address its future needs.

With a commitment to free and open inquiry, our scholars take an interdisciplinary approach to their work. Generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations, our research efforts are strongly focused on collaboration and encouraging faculty, students, and public and private partners to embrace and pursue bold ideas. We plan to launch selected graduate programs and build new research centers to realize this vision. We collaborate extensively with leading universities globally, universities in Libya, as well as public and private institutions in Libya and internationally. Our research endeavors support the pursuit of a knowledge-based economy and are focused on exploring emerging societal needs.