Research Vision and Strategy

Research excellence across a number of strategically important fields


LIAS is committed to research excellence across a number of strategically important fields to Libya’s future including Islamic finance and economics, media and communications, Libyan identity, energy policy, domestic security, healthcare, and public service delivery and policy. We pursue disciplinary excellence in these fields through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Our ambitions and areas of research inquiry are aimed at gaining consensus on key socio-economic development challenges, reducing evidentiary gaps, and defining ways forward.

At LIAS, our Al Riwaq department, which recalls Libya’s tradition of open discussion and debate in public forums, draws upon students, faculty, and community members to offer a channel to come together for dialogue, discussions, and discourse. Al Riwaq is a dedicated department at LIAS that has a mandate to create a productive research environment at LIAS and ensure our scholarship serves the needs of Libya.

Our research vision and strategy articulates our commitment to scholarly excellence and a number of broad strategies to ensure our scholarly work advances knowledge and contributes to public policy, economic prosperity, social cohesion, development, community identity, culture and the quality of life. We plan to do this by

  • Recruiting researchers of the highest distinction and potential to our faculties
  • Attracting the best research students in Libya and abroad to attend our post-graduate programs
  • Providing a supportive research environment that is free and open in which scholars can explore bold ideas and challenge prevailing sentiment
  • Encouraging collaboration, institutionally, nationally, and internationally, through effective partnerships with research institutions, research agencies, and public and private sponsors
  • Ensuring that research activities are disseminated for the benefit of society and remain rooted in exploring critical challenges that face Libya now and in the future
  • Providing the academic and administrative services and facilities needed to facilitate research excellence and impact