Resources for Business & Industry

Committed to fostering community development and economic growth


In addition to its academic mission, LIAS has a larger commitment to foster community development and economic growth. LIAS is a critical research resource for business and the public sector.  


How to Work with LIAS: Where to Start

  • LIAS's Al Riwaq is our central point of contact for business and public sector organizations which would like to engage our staff in working through critical business or social challenges or form research alliances. You can contact and learn more about Al Riwaq here.


Workforce: Recruit Employees and Train Staff

Train Your Workforce: LIAS Executive and Professional Education

Each of our faculties offer open enrollment and custom-designed executive and professional education courses to meet your training needs. Please visit our faculty pages to view our selection of course offerings and express your interest in attending.

Looking to train your team? With access to our network of students and alumni and training expertise across a number of technical fields, LIAS can help meet your workforce needs.

Recruit Employees:Career Services

Companies and organizations can partner with LIAS’ Career Services department to recruit from our student and alumni population. Contact and learn more about our Career Services department.


Technical Assistance: Centers, Faculty Experts, Core Facilities

With our faculty and facilities, we can help your organization achieve results. Our centers and staff offer expert opinions and technical perspectives, basic and applied research, and consulting services. You can get in touch with our faculties by visiting their homepages below.


Business, Management, and Public Policy Schools

Find a full range of academic, research, business and policy analysis, business consulting, and community outreach services at these schools. They can help with business plans, marketing, sector analysis, economic forecasting, labor relations, supply chain logistics, regulatory compliance, and much more.


Incubator and Small Business Development

LIAS provides services and support to Libyan entrepreneurs and small businesses through its affiliated business incubator. You can find out more about the LIAS incubator here.