LIAS is centred around three schools and five specialized centers.


LIAS offers expertise across eight specialized schools and centers. Explore LIAS’s broad array of capabilities, available through advisory services, training programs, and courses, by visiting the pages of our faculties and centers.


Center for Libyan Studies

Provides interdisciplinary training and promotes scholarship to understand the social, cultural, religious, and historical forces that have shaped Libya.

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Center for Stabilization Studies

The Center for Stabilization Studies focuses on providing advisory services, training and technical assistance to foster peace in Libya’s post-conflict environment


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Center for Strategic Studies

Offers a advisory services and training to help prepare a new generation of analysts, policymakers, and scholars knowledgeable about the range of international and national security problems and foreign policy issues.

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Center for Youth and Gender Empowerment

The Center for Youth and Gender Empowerment focuses on the role of youth and women in Libyan society, politics, and business

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Libya School of Government

Training Libya’s next generation of government leaders and supporting the capabilities of current public officials through targeted briefings, specialist advice, and rigorous training in public policymaking.


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School of Management and Innovation

The School of Management and Innovation provides consultancy and training in key management fields, and supports private sector growth through an Incubator.

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School of Media

Through training media professionals in mass communication, advertising and public relations, journalism, and film & television the School of Media will support the professionalization of the Libyan media industry.

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Sustainability Center

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, prepares individuals to be involved in emerging areas of sustainable development such as sustainable production and energy and energy policy.

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Regional Teaching Centers

Our regional teaching centers bring educational opportunities to students in areas outside of Tripoli and offer credit and continuing education programs.

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