Masters of Public Policy

Training Libya’s next generation of government leaders


The Masters in Public Policy program emphasizes practical and applied dimensions of policy-making and implementation, encouraging students to develop skills in:

  • Defining policy issues to make them more actionable in the public or private sector
  • Providing a broader perspective for assessing policy alternatives
  • Examining techniques for developing policy options and evaluating their social consequences
  • Developing strategies for the successful implementation of public policies once they have been adopted

The School's approach to teaching emphasizes teamwork, cooperation, and interaction among students and with the faculty. Students work, either as individuals or in small groups, on real policy problems for real “clients” under close faculty supervision.

Learning Outcomes

The curriculum is designed to enable students to achieve the following:

  • Skill in written communication and in verbal reporting
  • An understanding of political institutions and processes, strategies, and skills associated with policy creation and adoption
  • Knowledge of the organizational and bureaucratic structures involved in program development and implementation
  • Skill in application of economic analysis to questions of economic trade-off and policy choice and efficiency
  • Familiarity with cost-benefit analysis and other applications of quantitative analysis and modeling, as well as the use of statistical software
  • An understanding of social science methodologies for dealing with problems of data collection, analysis, and program evaluation
  • The ability to apply legal analysis where appropriate to the creation and implementation of public policy and to recognize the role of courts and administrative law in program development and implementation


Required Core Courses

  • Introduction to Policy Analysis
  • The Economics of Public Policy Analysis
  • Law and Public Policy
  • Decision Analysis, Modeling, and Quantitative Methods
  • Public Leadership and Management
  • Political and Agency Management Aspects of Public Policy
  • Advanced Policy Analysis


  • Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Research Design and Data Collection for Public Policy Analysis
  • Ethics, Policy, and the Power of Ideas
  • Energy & Society
  • The International Economy: Concepts and Policy Issues
  • Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Negotiations
  • Governing during Tough Times

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