Fostering dialogue, reform, renewal, and restoration around rootedness and openness


Heritage Studies and Religious Dialogue Training

LIAS will offer methodology and training in disciplines such as demographic analysis, historical preservation and restoration training, qualitative and quantitative methods, and scriptural reasoning. 

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Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs

Ihya Libya Vision 2023 advances a national vision to guide critical analysis of the constraints that need to be overcome for transformative change by 2023. Ihya Libya Vision 2023 labs convene expert panels to analyze development challenges and advance concrete action plans to translate the national vision into action. The Center for Stabilization Studies works with the Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs Coordination Office under the Center for Libyan Studies to develop background working papers, convene lab working groups, engage with stakeholders via the Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Citizen Portal, and report progress.

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Libyan Studies Research Network

Because Libyan Studies is an emerging discipline, LIAS is in the process of establishing a network for researchers to chronicle existing research in the field. The network will include individual Libyan and international researchers and social science departments of Libyan public and international universities. 

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Graduate Program

In the future, LIAS plans to offer a Master of Arts in Libyan Studies that will include interdisciplinary training in history, geography, religion, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology.