Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs

Fostering dialogue, reform, renewal, and restoration around rootedness and openness


Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs follow an iterative process for addressing key development challenges and advancing solutions for immediate impact. Popularized by Malaysia in association with its ambitious government reform efforts, the delivery lab methodology is designed to encourage open debate and participation of 20-30 participants from the public, private, and social sectors to solve a defined development challenge faced by a nation.

The focus of Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs is to encourage the conceptualization of innovative and practical on-the-ground projects that address key development challenges and can be implemented quickly. Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Lab participants work in cross-organizational teams full time over 12 days to agree solutions and detailed execution plans. In this way, Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs engage stakeholders to ensure buy-in for resulting implementation plans, increase transparency, and reduce siloed thinking. Through this process, ideas for transformation are formulated, tested, and refined.