School of Media

Professionalizing Libyan media by training media professionals


The number of media outlets in Libya increased dramatically after the Revolution. Libya now has the opportunity to design a media system appropriate to the needs of its citizens, evolving institutions, and society. However, the proliferation of media outlets presents a challenge due to low levels of training amongst media and communications professionals and previous censorship in the media sector that promoted compromised journalistic standards.

The School of Media will provide training to state and private media entities which will allow them to play a productive role in Libya’s emerging democracy based on citizen participation. Our programs prepare forward-thinking, analytical, and responsible communication professionals. The School is committed to quality professional and academic programs in media and communication that emphasize the relationship between theory and practice. We believe in freedom of expression and creativity and encourage both collaboration and independent thinking as we prepare future media and communications professionals. To advance Libya’s media and communications sector our research focuses on media policy, the structure of the media industry, and human capital requirements for industry growth.