Professionalizing Libyan media by training media professionals


Advisory Services, Executive and Professional Education

Dedicated to providing training and consultancy services to government, businesses and the community. We are continually building and developing partnerships with private and public organisations, sharing expertise with the goal of supporting the development of a strong, independent, professional, and impartial media sector in Libya.


We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes with the common goal of facilitating knowledge transfer through the following:

  • Tailored briefings

  • Short courses

  • Special programmes

  • Consultancy


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Experiential Training

The School of Media hosts two nationally syndicated television channels which provide hands on training to students in a real world setting

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Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs

Ihya Libya Vision 2023 advances a national vision to guide critical analysis of the constraints that need to be overcome for transformative change by 2023. Ihya Libya Vision 2023 labs convene expert panels to analyze development challenges and advance concrete action plans to translate the national vision into action. The Center for Stabilization Studies works with the Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Labs Coordination Office under the Center for Libyan Studies to develop background working papers, convene lab working groups, engage with stakeholders via the Ihya Libya Vision 2023 Citizen Portal, and report progress.

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Graduate Programs

LIAS has plans to offer a Master of Science in Journalism and Communications to prepare forward-thinking, analytical, and responsible communication professionals.


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