LIAS Incubator

Stimulating Libya’s economic development by helping businesses succeed


The LIAS Incubator aims to stimulate Libya’s economic development through business incubation activities, resulting in the creation of new jobs, new businesses, and new investments. It will provide Libyan entrepreneurs and business owners with knowledge, tools, and contacts to enhance their chances of success. We do this by:

  • Growing early stage businesses by connecting them to investors, resources, and professional advice so they can succeed and be engines for employment generation
  • Providing knowledge, tools, and contacts to accelerate the growth of existing businesses, helping them compete on both a national and international level
  • Building the business capability and inspiring the participation of disadvantaged communities in entrepreneurial endeavors through training facilitated by members from their communities who can serve as role models
  • Providing support and training opportunities for students to start their own ventures
  • Serving as a commercial outlet for faculty research andto  leverage intellectual property from affiliated universities and research institutes

We Assist All Types of Businesses

Whether you just have an idea for a business, are a start-up still validating your business model, or a mature business that wants to accelerate your growth, LIAS offers services to individuals and companies in different stages of business development.

LIAS Incubator

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