International Programs

Supporting Libya’s sustainable development through training and research


Through our overseas partnerships with sustainability faculties at global universities and other institutions, we offer students the opportunity to spend time learning from global public policy leaders. These intensive academic experiences are shaped to meet the needs of Libyan public and private sector organizations to upskill their staff towards emerging business requirements. Organizations choose to work with LIAS for their training needs due to our established relationships and experience designing and delivering highly specific training programs that address  short and long-term skills needs.


Public Sector Leadership Development Program for the New Libya
Georgetown University Offered in partnership with Georgetown University and delivered in Arabic in Washington, DC, this program is focused on mid to senior level public sector leaders. The program covers areas critical to Libya’s public sector reforms including governance, public policy, public sector management, and international relations. Through lectures and site visits to key government entities in Washington, DC, the two-week intensive and immersive program brings participants together where they will grow together on their leadership journey.


Libyan Leadership Development Program
Georgetown University Offered in partnership with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore, this program offers decision makers and leaders the opportunity to step back, reflect, and strengthen their ability to analyze some of the major challenges that confront Libya. Delivered in Singapore in Arabic over two weeks, this program involves a series of lectures and site visits to build capacity and assist in the development of good governance by strengthening the ability of Libyan public servants to lead change and govern effectively in the 21st century. The Libyan Leadership Development Program is aimed at enhancing the technical and leadership capabilities of Libyan civil servants in five key areas: good governance, foreign policy, energy and sustainability, banking and finance, and urban planning and sustainability.


Libyan Leadership Development Program

Georgetown University Offered in partnership with Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, turkey, this program is a leadership development and management program focused on the most challenging topics for public sector executives in post-conflict Libya. Delivered in Turkey in Arabic, the program draws on the expertise of Bahçeşehir University in leadership, global policymaking, international relations, public sector management, banking and financial systems, and sustainability. Participants will work closely with accomplished peers, leading academics, and innovators in government and business, applying what they learn to the organizations they work in. The participants will learn through immersion, interaction, and networking with international counterparts.


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