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Supporting Libya’s sustainable development through training and research


The Sustainability Center supports companies and government institutions in their efforts to foster economic growth while encouraging more responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection. We offer courses on a number of sustainable solutions aimed at industry and the public sector.


EMS Systems

ISO 14001, European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, EHS management, ISO 9000 quality standards, TQM.


Environmental Auditing

Compliance audits, environmental assessments, pre-acquisition/divestment audits, EMS audits, Global Reporting guidelines.


Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR reports, best practice and internationally recognized standards, stakeholder engagement, ISO 26000.


Accounting and Management

GAAP in electricity and energy sector, uniform system of accounts, handling derivative instruments, financial planning and budgeting.


Sustainable Procurement

Procuring effectively and responsibly.


Community Planning

Urban development, rural development, urban design, building sustainable cities.


Energy Policy

Energy essentials for decision makers, energy markets and security, efficiency policy and measures, analysis and modeling.


Climate Change

Climate and atmo­spheric science, impact assessment, climate and society, ecosystems resilience, risk and uncertainty.


Land Restoration

Desertification and land degradation, sustainable land management, restoration of degraded land.


Solar PV Installation

System components, site analysis, PV module criteria, mounting solutions, safety, and commissioning.


Wind Power

Site analysis, system design, installation and safety issues, and hardware specification.


Environmental Protection Management

Asbestos removal, handling radioactive mat., using laser devices, solid waste management including electrical, hospital, and hazardous materials.


Environmental Public Health

Pest management, indoor air quality, handling medical waste, fisheries.


Environmental Technologies

Energy efficiency in industrial applications, efficient buildings, benefits of energy efficiency.



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