Surround yourself with a community of peers and faculty committed to the future of Libya


If you're looking to surround yourself with a community of peers and faculty committed to the future of Libya, LIAS offers rigorous academics, real-world experience, and a dynamic setting for you to learn, create knowledge, and serve your community. 


First Steps to Enrollment

The Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), based in Tripoli, Libya, is a leading private training institution dedicated to educating Libya’s next generation of leaders. Founded in 2012, LIAS is the first private education institution established after the Revolution. We offer courses ranging from professional education to degree programs for professional and personal development.    


Executive and Professional Education

From working professionals building their skills base to professionals exploring new career options, LIAS has options to help you realize emerging opportunities. 

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International Programs

Through our overseas professional training programs, we offer students the opportunity to spend time at elite global institutions. We offer a number of consortium programs that take place internationally in highly technical fields that allow students the opportunity to experience and explore international practices and be exposed to global practitioners.

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Graduate Programs

LIAS plans to offer 6 masters degree programs. Explore our degree programs and learn more about the admission requirements.

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Expand Your Horizons

A well-rounded education goes beyond four walls. As a LIAS student, you’ll be encouraged to embrace different points of view, think critically, and gain valuable real world skills for employment and serving your local community. LIAS offers an open, supportive campus environment for you to develop socially, intellectually, and spiritually.


Student Activities 

LIAS encourages students to form groups and organizations to fit their interests. All of our student groups will be governed and managed by students to provide critical leadership experience and enrich campus life.

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Civic Engagement

LIAS is committed to providing service and volunteer opportunities for student involvement in the community. Al Riwaq in cooperation with Career Services, serve as focal points for community-based activities. Together they foster opportunities for student involvement through fellowships, internships, grants, and volunteer opportunities to build effective leadership skills.

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Career Development

Career Services is here to help you turn your academic knowledge into a real-world career with a variety of resources to help you secure graduate degrees, internships, and jobs.

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Cultural Activities

One of Libya’s foremost cultural research centers, the Center for Libyan Studies, plans to offer a broad array of world-class cultural programs to engage the LIAS community. In this way, the Center for Libyan Studies enriches both LIAS academic and campus life.

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Student Entrepreneurship

Through the LIAS Incubator, students with an interest in starting their own business can gain valuable training and receive assistance bringing their idea to fruition

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